How to Prepare for a Marathon

The aim of every athlete at the end of the day is to emerge victorious after the competition. Nobody wants to be the last not unless there is a price for being last. This is why it is vital to prepare before embarking on any journey however small or insignificant as it may seem. It is popularly said that not planning is a sure way of already failing. This is why we have come up with crucial preparation points that will help you come at the top of your game as an athlete.


Have a plan


The first step to your success as an athlete is to plan out your day. You need to have a schedule that shows what you need to be doing at different times. Having a timetable ensures that you perform all your workout routines without leaving behind what you might consider less important. You can even decide to have a plan that stretches out to around six months. Your program should include the different places you will be practicing at. Your plan should include a good diet. LearnĀ how to make homemade yogurt with powdered milk to save money instead of buying store bought yogurt as part of your snacks.


Have the appropriate gear


For starters, you will need the right shoes which should be fitting and a pair of running socks. Buy shoes and socks from specialized vendors who deal with running equipment. It is also vital that you get a heart rate monitor for you to keep tabs on how you are performing.




This might sound obvious, but it is essential that you continually practice to ensure that you are in shape. A lot of people have ended up failing just because they assumed what they thought was a basic thing or believed they were the best only to be hit by the rudest shocks of their lives. You need to practice at different altitudes especially if you will be running at a height that is different from what you are used too. This will ensure that you know what to expect when you get there.




Although running is part of exercising, you need to undertake other tasks that help you remain lean and in shape. To your schedule, you could add other workouts like the front squats, press-ups, and chin-ups to help you build your strength and muscle.


Know your Limits


It would be wrong and unhealthy for you to embark on a journey that you cannot complete or one that will make you end up in a sick bed. Know the furthest you can run and for how long.


Eat Right


During training, foods high in carbohydrates will help your body in energy creation which is essential. You will also need proteins that will repair your muscles because the workouts and training tear them apart. To top it all up, you will also require a diet rich in calcium. The calcium is vital as it helps to keep your bones together.


By keeping all this in mind and putting them into practice, you will be sure to succeed at any given race at any time. It will not matter whether it is an international, national or a friendly run, you will be at the top of your game.


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